(video) What’s New In Ansys 2023 R2: Ansys Discovery

Ansys Discovery 2023 R2 includes breakthrough new features that help our customers innovate and explore new product concepts faster and more accurately than ever before.

Engineers and designers no longer need to sacrifice accuracy for speed!

Thanks to the breakthrough combination of the Live GPU CFD solver with high-quality unstructured polyhedral meshing, you can now have the accuracy of Ansys Fluent with the speed of Live Physics all within the highly automated and easy-to-use interface of Discovery.

The new Check Geometry tool automatically identifies problematic model issues before going to simulation, avoiding mesh failures and time-consuming roundtrips between tools.

A highly innovative new workflow technology has been introduced that eliminates the most challenging part of CFD preprocessing, so that you can spend more time
interpreting and learning from test results and less time setting them up.

These features, and many more that you’ll see in this video, make Discovery 2023 R2 the go-to solution for efficient and effective design exploration!

Want to hear from the experts behind the software? Register for the Ansys Discovery 2023 R2 Webinar here:



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