(video) Zone of Interest – Ouster Lidar + Seoul Robotics SENSR Software

Captured with an OS1-64 lidar sensor running with Seoul Robotics SENSR perception software outside a local grocery store in San Francisco. The red box indicates the zone of interest, and red cylinders indicate pedestrians inside the zone. Green cylinders indicate identified pedestrians with green lines to indicate travel path. Grey cylinders indicate potential pedestrians, with low-confidence.

Ouster builds high-resolution 3D lidar sensors that are powering autonomy in the industrial, smart infrastructure, robotics, and automotive industries. We are a team with deep knowledge of semiconductors, optics, signal processing, computer vision, and high-volume manufacturing. Our breakthrough digital lidar technology produces sensors that are high-resolution, reliable, and affordable. We are working to make 3D sensing lidar technology ubiquitous throughout our everyday lives.

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