Wejo Develops Breakthrough Autonomous Vehicle Platform To Rapidly Accelerate Worldwide AV Development And Adoption

Wejo Develops Breakthrough Autonomous Vehicle Platform To Rapidly Accelerate Worldwide AV Development And Adoption

London, England – June 16, 2022 – Wejo Group Limited (NASDAQ: WEJO) (“Wejo”), a global leader in Smart Mobility cloud and software analytics for connected, electric and autonomous vehicle (AV) data, today announced its breakthrough smart platform, Wejo Autonomous Vehicle Operating System (AV-OS). AV-OS is set to rapidly accelerate the development and adoption of AVs for the world’s leading automakers and fleet developers by opening up and democratizing access to connected vehicle data (CVD).

Announced at MOVE 2022, held at London’s Excel 15-16 June, The AV-OS platform will leverage billions of daily data points from millions of connected vehicles, including AV data, to generate AV outcomes.

Interpreted and analyzed by Wejo’s Smart Mobility intelligence offerings, the platform will unlock never-before-seen insights for any AV developers supporting the rapid acceleration of AV testing, carried out safely in a virtual simulation environment.

Democratizing access to data, the world-first of its kind AV-OS platform will remove the silos of traditional development processes that AV OEMs must go through, enabling rapid innovation.

Turning the raw connected vehicle data into meaningful and actionable insights, Wejo helps developers better understand vehicles, journeys, roads, and locations to create safer and more environmentally-friendly driving experiences.

Wejo Founder and CEO, Richard Barlow said: “The widespread adoption of autonomous driving is integral to safer roads, lower emissions, and a significant reduction of traffic accidents. Auto accidents and emissions combine for a staggering 9.3M+ deaths per year. But without cross-industry collaboration, innovation will be slow. By democratizing access to connected vehicle data, our AV-OS platform will remove barriers to widespread AV adoption in ways never before possible, rapidly reducing development time.”

By organizing billions of data points from millions of connected vehicles and partnering with global automotive manufacturers to stream real-time data at scale and speed, Wejo’s AV-OS platform will bring about a step-change in AV innovation and development efficiencies, as its capabilities will support:

  • Simulation and modeling: – Using connected vehicle data to inform AV model development – Providing real-world data and intelligence about automated and non-automated (human) driving – Removing silos and supporting the development, testing and operating AVs through live visualizations, without the need to have a physical AV on the road – Supporting the development, testing and operation of AVs
  • Anticipating the road ahead: – Providing AV OEMs and developers with intelligence about longer-range conditions across traffic, roadways, and environments in a live 3D environment, instead of learning from yesterday’s data – Growing connected vehicle and autonomous vehicle data (e.g., lidar & camera outputs) – Edge & distributed infrastructure to reduce latency barriers
  • Creating a Common Language for Standardization: – Developing vehicle and road network digital twins that represent a common language for AVs – Including vehicle status and dynamics, plus intended movements (lane changes/exits) – Going beyond map data
  • Safer Roads: – Understanding the pattern of traffic and driving behaviors to allow for better planning and a smarter, faster AV reality

About Wejo
Wejo Group Limited is a global leader in cloud and software analytics for autonomous, electric, and connected vehicles, revolutionizing the way we live, work and travel by transforming and interpreting historic and real-time vehicle data Smart Mobility For Good™ products tools and solutions. Wejo enables smarter mobility by organizing trillions of data points collected from approximately 12 million vehicles and 66.8 billion journeys to date, across multiple brands, makes and models, and then standardizing and enhancing those streams of data on a vast scale. Wejo partners with ethical, like-minded companies and organizations to turn that data into insights that unlock value for consumers. With the most comprehensive and trusted data, information and intelligence, Wejo is creating a smarter, safer, more sustainable world for all. Founded in 2014, Wejo employs more than 300 people and has offices in Manchester, UK and in regions where Wejo does business around the world. For more information, visit: or connect with us on LinkedInTwitter, and Instagram.



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